Easy Predictive Marketing for Customer Acquisition


We’re automating data science to help B2C brands understand their customer and find their best prospects.


Don’t Settle for Guesswork


Gain A Better Picture
of Your Customers


Discover Your Next Best Customers
and What They Care About







online purchases
home value
upscale living household
likely active investor

Do In A Matter of Minutes,
What Used To Take Weeks

Data input
To get started, just upload your customers data and in minutes we’ll do the rest. We format, clean your list and append hundreds of variables to provide unique insights.


Powerful Modeling
Our predictive models identify what sets your customers apart, and find similar look-alike prospects, quickly and accurately.


Insights + Leads
Get insights about your customers and prospects as well as order your predictive to power your customer acquisition campaigns.

Our predictive cloud software shows you key predictors which set your customers apart from the rest of the US population.

Your Data Is Safe


Built on more than 30 years of expertise in predictive technology and associated data security. All data you upload is encrypted and secure.

Sam Hickmann CEO of Joy

Sam Hickmann, CEO of Joy
“When I first saw Reach Analytics, I was blown away and wanted to test it immediately. Their predictive cloud enables us to better understand the profile of our customers as well as support our customer acquisition efforts.”